FileDescriptionLast updated
ScreenResolution.apkThe latest tool to change resolution on your TauonPC26.04.2020
TauonBasicScript.apkTauon Basic Script IDE 0.3213.07.2020
TauonPowerManager.apkTauon Power Manager allows you to gracefully power off and reboot the device to prevent data loss07.04.2020
TauonSpeccy.apkUnreal Speccy portable adopted for TauonPC19.06.2020
UnrealSpeccyP.zipSource code of UnrealSpeccy Portable, TauonPC version22.06.2020
busybox-1.25.1.tar.bz2We are using Busybox 1.25.1 in firmware. To rebuild it from source download the file and follow instructions in INSTALL file.04.06.2018
manual_1.tifTauonPC-1 users guide v0.96, side 110.11.2019
manual_2.tifTauonPC-1 users guide v0.96, side 210.11.2019
tauonPC-1.0989.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.98914.04.2020
tauonPC-1.09894.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.989423.04.2020
tauonPC-1.09911-NTSC.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.9911 with NTSC TV output07.05.2020
tauonPC-1.09911-PAL.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.9911 with PAL TV output07.05.2020
tauonPC-1.0992-NTSC.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.992 with NTSC TV output20.05.2020
tauonPC-1.0992-PAL.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.992 with PAL TV output20.05.2020
tauonPC-1.09921-NTSC.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.9921 with NTSC TV output23.05.2020
tauonPC-1.09921-PAL.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.9921 with PAL TV output24.05.2020
tauonPC-1.0993-NTSC.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.993 with NTSC TV output21.06.2020
tauonPC-1.0993-PAL.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.993 with PAL TV output21.06.2020
tauonPC-1.0994-NTSC.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.994 with NTSC TV output04.07.2020
tauonPC-1.0994-PAL.imgTauonPC-1 Firmware v0.994 with PAL TV output04.07.2020
win32diskimager.exeThis tool is required to flash the firmware on the SD card.11.04.2020

How to update firmware?
Please be aware that flashing the firmware will erase all user data on the device.
To install a new version of the firmware, you will need an SD card with
at least 2 GB capacity.

  • Download and install this application: Win32 Disk Imager
  • Download the latest firmware:
  • Insert the SD card into your Windows PC.
  • Launch the Win32 Disk Imager application.
  • Select the drive with an SD card in it.
  • Select the firmware file.
  • Press the "Write" button.
  • Wait until the burn process finishes.
  • Then insert the SD card into the Tauon PC and turn on the computer.
  • Instead of our logo, a progress bar should appear.
  • Wait for "CARD OK" message to appear.
  • Take out the SD card and reboot the device.

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