Tauon Basic Script
Easy to learn programming language
Based on JavaScript with additional functionality for drawing, sound, music, sprites and text output.
Console-like output with Emoji support to build simple but visually rich games.
Compatible with all modern browsers!
TauonPC-1 Computer
Kids friendly family computer
This computer was designed for kids. The case is made of high durability ABS plastic and can withstand the harshest treatment. The user interface is made as simple as possible to give little users the best first experience possible. The product is suitable for kids of age 2+!
Affordable price
While taking care of kids needs, we didn't forget about parents too. That's why we aimed at making this computer affordable.
Wide library of games and applications
With Android-compatible OS, you get access to thousands of apps and games. Another endless source of fun is to play retro-games for ZX Spectrum, Apple II and Amstrad CPC computers using original keyboard controls. Show your children your favorite old-school games and the way you played them in 'good old days'!
Gamepad mode
With a slight button press, the keyboard will transform into the fully functional gamepad with DPAD, six buttons, and two shoulder buttons. In this mode, you can play any Android game that supports the gamepad. You might add the second controller for the fantastic multiplayer experience.
Education is fun again
Unlike mobile devices (tablets and cellphones), TauonPC is giving kids the first experience of 'big' desktop computers. Let your children learn to use the mouse, keyboard, and desktop-like applications in an easy and fun way!
Ready for hardware experiments
If having fun with software only is not enough - play with hardware too! We made TauonPC with hardware upgrades in mind! There is plenty of space in the case to install everything you can come up with! Add USB hubs, hard drives, batteries, or your custom electronics - there are endless possibilities for creative minds!
Protect your child's eyesight
It is well known that excessive usage of handheld devices causes visual impairment and myopia. TauonPC is intended to be used with big-screen monitor or TV, protecting your children from eyesight diseases.
Unlimited creativity and future support
TauonPC is preloaded with best open source apps, allowing your kids to express their talents, from drawing to programming. We will keep updating the software library to include a broader range of apps. And we are working hard on our in-house apps, to help you grow a new generation of artists, musicians, and programmers!
Decent hardware
TauonPC is based on ARM single board computer with four cores CPU and 1 GB RAM. Having Mali 400 GPU on board with full hardware acceleration allows you to play 3D games and watch videos in 4K. Use RetroArch emulator to enjoy classic titles made for Nintendo, Sega and even Play Station 1 consoles on your TauonPC!
Reliable storage
TauonPC is equipped with 8Gb SLC NAND type internal storage. This memory type is known for enhanced endurance, accuracy and performance.
A perfect case for any Single Board Computer
If you are using some kind of SBC already - consider purchasing Tauon case to house your project. We provide a specially designed kit which allows SBC of any type to fit firmly into the casing. Give your Raspberry/Orange/Banana PI project stylish retro look!
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